Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Infused with Creativity

I finally got around to trying a fusing plastic bags tutorial I saw online, and it's AMAZING!

After an extremely long and stressful day I decided to unwind with some sewing, but sadly the folks below me weren't having it (banging on the ceiling, etc) so I lay out two layers of canvas, cut up some (3-4) plastic bags and ironed them. It took a while to get the iron hot enough, and I accidentally touched the iron to some of the plastic at one point, which is now permanently adhered, but all in all it was super simple.

The fused plastic isn't what I expected. It feels more like a paper bag than plastic, and I can't tear it to save my life. My next project is going to be making grocery tote bags out of the pieces, assuming I don't have problems sewing it. It cuts easily enough. I think my favorite part is that when you hold it up to the light you can see all the pieces it was made out of.

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  1. i just found this site and immediately thought of you, miss j.
    there is a serious wealth of knowledge here!