Saturday, April 18, 2009



My cousin is pregnant! Her baby shower is in a month and ta-dah, I have a new opportunity for a project.
I'm a little sick of crochet and I never use anything I make because I'm not a big knit-wearer besides scarves. That being said, since this project isn't for me, and I have some baby thread, I could get started on a baby blanket. I also now have the option of sewing on a backing of some sort to make it softer. This may, of course, backfire because my aunt is a quilter by trade and I would expect her to follow the same route for Ally's gift. Hmm.

Aother option would a teddy bear. I could even do it out of brown suede because I have so much.

I've been thinking of another expectant mother from work I'd like to make a gift for who is not quite as far along. She is a HUGE Bob Marley fan, so I was thinking of making a brown bear and felting some dreads so it would be little bob teddy. :) I found a tutorial on making felt dreadlocks that I am sure I could sew into the head of a small teddy bear.

Any ideas on ways to make it more marley-esque? I suppose I could crochet him a little hat, or maybe make the bear itself out of red, green and yellow. Thoughts?

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