Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Etsy Scavenging

I went to make an etsy account yesterday and ended up ordering some earrings. I was surprised at how affordable a lot of the jewelry was, and ended up finding three pairs of decent earrings for around $5 each. I felt like browsing agin tonight, and these are some of the pairs that peaked my interest.

I loved these "dragon eyes" earrings, but at $33 I have to pass.

These I would really like if the bottom moon part was removed. I seem to like simple, circular or tear drop earrings best.
$22 from Artemesia Designs.

Most of this seller's shop is thread spun earrings, and there are some really beautiful color combinations.
$10 on sale right now from Sincear Jewelry

Next on the agenda: my own etsy shop.
I also have a new best friend - spray fabric paint. It's currently on clearance at Michael's and JoAnne Fabrics, and makes bag designing and applique a lot easier. Maybe anna and I will finally make our matching short short club if you can just cut out a stencil and spray paint it to stick just like silk screen...

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