Thursday, April 23, 2009

Work Release

Our annual fundraiser benefit is today.

I'm relieved that my to-do list is done. I get a sort of pride out of knowing that the benefit will look classy because of me. I did the invitations, the posters, the name cards, the programs, the display signs. We used to have a board member in advertising who would do our promotional materials, but she is leaving, and I can understand why. I do seem to get some sort of pleasure and pride out of taking on an insane amount of stressful work and coming through on all of it. Actually that is a very good description of one of the few reasons I love this job. When it is busy I delight in the fact that I am one of the few people that can juggle as much as I do, and be successful at it. I thrive in a stressful, fast-paced, deadine-oriented environment, which I am getting I get from my father.

Yet again I am re-evaluating my position and considering staying in the position if I don't get into grad school or move somewhere. Mairin told me the other day that she was asked to apply for a full-time writing instructor position at Roosevelt University, which means she has an excellent chance of being chosen. It would be a huge pay increase, and probably be what she actually wants to do. That means in 4 months I would theoretically have the opportunity to become the Executive Director if I wanted it.

Despite the frustrations and stress load recently I have felt like I at least understand better how to juggle things at work, and how to give back to myself at home. Sewing, like so many other hobbies I have attempted to take up, has at least been relieving some of the stress in a more healthy and productive way than zoning out for hours in front of tv. My most recent finished product: reversible shoulder bag.

Bags and purses are so easy because you can use almost any material and there's no fitting required, but how many more bags can I make? I may have to start taking orders or venturing out into actual clothing, which I am sort of hesitant to attempt.
Sigh. Off to the fancy, hopefully successful fundraiser.

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