Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Personal Exporting

I've been thinking recently about why tasks like blogging, tweeting, and updating facebook are so satisfying. Lauren and I were talking once about how satisfying it is to mail an envelope, or send a fax. Maybe I am just a task-oriented person, but putting something out there is like a neat little accomplishment and an end in itself.

Whatever the reason, it's my new love, along with finding new projects to do that are cheap, free, or recycled to take up what time I do have that isn't filled by social engagements.

Another to add to the list of possibilities for this coming weekend...
Much simpler than crocheting plastic bags into a grocery bag - fusing them together to form an even stronger, water proof fabric that can then be made into a grocery bag!
DIY via Etsy Lab (now defunct) - "Long Overdue Fusing Bag Tutorial"

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